The Avant-guarde of Mars


Vandemars 2013

“We need to retrace the steps already given, for repeat them and to track our next new paths. 
We need to start the journey. Always.”  (José Saramago )

Two years after their debut album “Blaze” and after the little earthquakes of a gloomy 2012 that permanently changed the aliens’ vanguard, the Vandemars present “BACK TO MARS”.  “Back to Mars”, out on April 30, 2013, for Cave Canem DIY Records, is a live album that presents the new line-up and contains some remixes of the previous “Blaze” album by the drummer Cristiano Bottai.


1. Always the Same (Loving the Aliens RMX)                                                                           Cave Canem DIY Records

2. My Cage

3. L.L.

4. Come Out

5. It’s Mine It’s Yours

6. Tic Tac

7. Naked and Pure

8. Send It

9. Victim (Red Planet Mix)

10. One of Your Dreams (Back Home Mix)



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